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Plant Details

Fargesia scabrida 'Silver Dragon'

Silver Dragon Bamboo
Zone: 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b
Exposure: Part Sun
Plant Category: Ornamental Grasses & Bamboo
Height: Minimum 12 feet , Maximum 14 feet
Width: Minimum 10 feet , Maximum 12 feet
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A clumping, easy-to-grow bamboo that produces brightly variegated new foliage, giving it a frosted look in the spring. The variegation mostly fades by midsummer. The rusty-pink new shoots and culm sheaths, and the blue-and-purple new canes, makes it an excellent focal point in the garden, and the dense habit makes it a perfect screening choice as well. It thrives in full shade, but can also take full sun as long as it doesn't get too much reflected heat. A moderately fast grower for a clumper, spreading 8-12" a year and getting 2-3' taller every year, eventually ending up 12-14' tall. No significant pests, although the bamboo mite can occasionally be a cosmetic issue.

Featured in the New Varieties Showcase at the 2021 Farwest Show. 

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