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Hydrangea macrophylla

Bigleaf Hydrangea
Exposure: Dappled Shade
Height: Maximum 6 feet
Width: Maximum 6 feet
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These wonderful big-leafed hydrangeas are divided into two groups, the Hortensia Group (mopheads) and the Lacecaps. Both are deciduous, rounded shrubs up to 6' in height and 8' in width and do well in a variety of garden environments including the coast. The 4-8" leaves are semiglossy and lightly to coarsely toothed. Flowers appear in mid to late summer, primarily on old wood so prune right after flowering. Bloom color is often affected by soil pH: adding aluminum sulfate acidifies the soil to produce blue flowers and adding lime will neutralize or create a more basic soil bringing out the pinks. White flowers are not affected. H. macrophylla can take full sun in mild summer areas but profits from some afternoon shade where the summer sun is more intense.
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A Valley Growers Nursery Hubbard, OR Email now 503-651-3535 Container: 1
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  • Amethyst Hill Nursery & Hydrangeas Plus(R) Aurora, OR Email now 503-651-2848 Container: X Liner: X
    Jaycee Newman Inc. Boring, OR Email now 503-663-7373 Container: X
    Sidhu & Sons Nursery Ltd. Mission, BC Email now 604-826-3537 Container: X