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Plant Details

Acer grandidentatum 'Hipzam'

Highland Park® Bigtooth Maple
Zone: 4a
Plant Category: Shade & Flowering Trees
Height: Maximum 45 feet
Width: Minimum 25 feet , Maximum 25 feet
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Acer grandidentatum is a native of North America with dark, glossy green leaves in summer and brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves in fall. It is adaptable to soil and light situations but does not like salinity. It is moderately drought tolerant. Highland Park® is a selection of Acer grandidentatum offered to the trade by the folks at Lake County Nursery. It was chosen for it’s:Toughness, Tighter branching and more upright form than the species, Three lobed, dark green and tatter proof foliage, Orange, Red and Yellow fall color. Having a more upright form, Highland Park® should be easier to establish a straight central leader and produce a well formed specimen tree. Highland Park®is a moderately vigorous tree and calipers up quickly. Given it’s size, upright form and foliar interest, this plant makes an excellent street tree and will also compliment any landscape.

"Robinson Nursery"

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5 Nurseries Carry This Plant:

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Name City/State Email Phone Prod Type Availability
Big Trees Today Inc. Hillsboro, OR Email now 503-640-3011 BB: 1
J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Boring, OR Email now 503-663-4128 Bare Root: X Container: X
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  • Northwest Shade Trees, a division of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co Salem, OR Email now 503-463-1700 BB: 1
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  • Sester Farms Inc. Gresham, OR Email now 503-663-4844 Bare Root: X Container: X
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  • Surface Nursery Inc. Gresham, OR Email now 503-663-5224 Bare Root: X
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